We will cover the major components of a house system.  The text and workbook are by Dearborn Real Estate Education.  I will provide a variety of materials to help you understand what is required for a great home inspection as compared to a good home inspection.  We will cover the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics, provided and enforced by the Louisiana State Board of Home Inspectors.  There will be a variety of technology presentations to help deepen understanding of what is expected of all home inspectors in Louisiana.


I have taught classes in home inspection for the past thirteen years.  I am a home inspector as well as an instructional coach in the public school system in Pointe Coupee Parish.  I have earned my Masters Degree in curriculum and instruction, plus 30 graduate hours in geoscience.


The Louisiana State Board of Home Inspectors requires that all students complete a 90 hour classroom course, 40 hours of in-field training, pass the national test, obtain Errors and Omissions Insurance, attend a one time report writing workshop, and apply for a state license.